Angelwax Cleanliness 1000ml

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Angelwax Cleanliness 1000ml


1000 ml Concentrated Orange Prewash,

Angelwax Cleanliness is a powerful citrus-odored pre-wash. It is specifically formulated to remove bugs, road grime, bird lime and other general contamination from the vehicles bodywork. Cleanliness can also be used via a foam lance or pressure pump sprayer.


Wax & Sealant Safe

Cleanlines is high foaming, solvent free and completely wax & sealant safe.


Useable with foaming lance

Although Angelwax Cleanlines is designed as a ready to use product for lighter soiling, we have found it dilutes down very well making it go further with the foaming lance.


Cleanliness has been designed to be used through a foaming lance on a pressure washer or via the supplied trigger spray. It’s safe to use on all vehicle surfaces and it won’t harm your existing wax and sealant layers.

For heavily soiled vehicles use 1:1 dilution and for lightly soiled vehicles use up to 1:5 dilution.

Key Features:

  • High Foaming Citrus Pre-Wash
  • Solvent Free and safe to use on all surfaces
  • Won’t harm your wax & sealant layers



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