QP-ON 9.0 8*25ml

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QP-ON Green ECO Cleaner RTU ( ready to use ) biological cleaner. Alkaline solution to clean surfaces soiled with grease, oil and most elements of pollution. Formula free of toxic, sensitizing components. Free of biocides, colorants, perfumes and prohibited substances  like solvents or VOC. Fully biodegradable. 




Apply small amount to an inconspicuous area first, to test the reaction with any surface treatments. The cleaning solution is a concentrate and must be diluted prior to use. Warm water will enhance the cleaning results. Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Apply to any soiled surfaces  with a sponge, cleaning cloth or with pressure cleaner. Only needs a low quantity of water for rinsing. Can be used with virtually any surface and is suitable for vehicle preparation, industrial and domestic applications.