QP-ON Ceramic System






What is QP-ON?

Read on and learn how this product is changing consumers and professionals lives!

QP-ON is a leading edge, high-tech development in surface protection and cleaning, based on pure monomolecular Silicium (Silicon) which is a natural product and after H2O is the most frequently occurring substance on earth.

Silicium (Si14) is found in sand, glass and even in the human body. Silicium is so safe for humans and the environment that it is currently being used in the research and development of new medicines.

QP-ON surface protection products contain water suspended nano-engineered particles of  Si14 which bond electrostatically to the surface being protected and fill microscopic pores and pits that naturally occur in solid materials. QP-ON bridges and fills these pores repelling dust and dirt and making it difficult for bacteria to multiply due to the product’s water repellent (hydrophobic) properties. This process makes cleaning easier, faster and more effective!

QP-ON was designed to protect polyurethane topcoats and other solid substrates such as glass, GRP, stainless steel, chrome, rubber, leather, granite and solid surface products.

QP-ON 2.0 is part 1 of this system and as a concentrate contains titanium with surface protection lasting up to 12 months or more.

QP-ON 2.1 is the Si02 supercharged cleanser for use during cleaning of a surface coated with 2.0 and/or 3.0

QP-on 3.0 is part 3 of this system and is a Ready To Use spray on product with added ceramic particles for extra durability with surface protection lasting over 12 months.


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Why QP-ON?

  • QP-ON surface coating products are inert and do not react or interact with the material to be coated. Through a complex procedure, QP-ON attaches electrostatically to all hard surface materials  without damaging them.
  • Advanced nanotechnology allows for rapid application of a transparent, durable, UV resistant coating, safe for all solid indoor and outdoor surfaces. Once applied, the surface has a brilliant shine, is extremely water repellent, resistant to heavy soiling, most acids, alkaline solutions and solvents. Temperature resistant to -40° to +300° Celsius.
  • QP-ON is so easy use –  No special gear required. No need to use multiple finishing products. No buffing. No need to mask off areas. It’s that simple.
  • QP-ON is UV resistant and durable, reducing or eliminating paint oxidation. QP-ON lasts up to one year and is easily maintained by re-applying or using QP-ON 2.1 to clean and protect a perfect surface indefinitely.
  • QP-ON is safe to use outdoors and indoors and environmentally friendly – non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable.

QP-ON Advantages

  • QP-ON will protect against environmental contamination such as brake dust, exhaust fumes and deposits. Organic deposits such as tree resins and bird droppings are more easily removed as they will not adhere to the Si 14 coated surface. Conventional waxes or silicone-oil combinations become unnecessary.
  • Reduction in cost of cleaning materials – once coated with QP-ON, there is no need to clean and maintain surfaces with harsh chemicals which degrade them. Surfaces can be maintained by simply wiping with a quality microfiber cloth and water which has been scientifically proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Reduced cleaning time – surfaces which had to be cleaned and maintained frequently before can now receive much more economical treatments saving in time and money.
  • QP-ON is economical to use and a little goes a long way;  100 ml of QP-ON concentrate coat 4 medium size cars; 500 ml can coat an entire 50 ft boat.
  • QP-ON is cost effective – it costs less than £5.00 to coat one average size car! Why spend hundreds of pounds on paint protection at a dealership when you can do the job yourself? And don’t forget that QP-ON also protects glass, vinyl and alloy wheels!


QP-ON Instructions


Coating system
2.0 can be used as a base coat. Apply formulation to a dry vehicle and further activate with a clean water flush (spray nozzle works just as well) after leaving it to set for approximately two minutes.
2.1 is a cleanser which can be used during regular washing to maintain the 2.0 coating. 
3.0 is a ready-to-use coating which can be used as a quick detailer and for maintaining the layers. It also builds layers over time. 
After vehicle is clean, dried and the panels are wiped: 
Method #1. Using 2.0 as a base coat, spray a diluted solution of the product onto microfiber applicator and wipe side to side, then up & down cross coat each panel. Wipe off excess with clean microfiber lightly. 
Method #2. Ensuring vehicle is cooled and not in direct sunlight, spray a fine mist of the diluted solution directly onto each panel and wipe accordingly. 
Rinse vehicle with a clean water flush (spray nozzle works just as well) one to two minutes after allowing product to set. Dry vehicle with a clean microfiber cloth and follow up with 3.0.